Contact us at 1-800-267-2231

Sandy MacLeod, President & CEO
Ext. 238

Martin Luymes, Vice President, Government & Stakeholder Relations 
Ext. 235

Frank Diecidue, Vice President, Operations
Ext. 253

Caroline Czajko, Director, Environmental Services & Divisions
Ext. 234

Lauralei Heggie, Director, Business Development

Ext. 264

Lorne Silver, Director, Creative, Marketing & Communications
Ext. 256

John Fekete, Director of Regionalization
Ext. 270

HRAI Staff Listed in Alphabetical Order (Last Name)

Carlos Artieda, Membership Coordinator-Acquisitions
Ext. 263

Andrea Cho, Coordinator, Educational Programs
Ext. 230

Stephen Chartrand, Regulatory Affairs 
Ext. 276

Katherine Diecidue, Coordinator, Educational Programs-ODP/ODS Programs
Ext. 273

Chelsea Goberdhan, Government Relations Specialist, Ontario

Ext. 236

Gelisa Hill, Membership Coordinator - Retention
Ext. 262

Behnaz Kohestani, Accountant
Ext. 255

Nancy Larsen, Program Coordinator, Environmental Services
Ext. 245

Angie Mantei, Manager, Education Delivery
Ext. 237

Kathleen O' Malley, Manager, Environmental Services
Ext. 240

Tony Nguyen, Accounting & Administration Coordinator
Ext. 281

Scott Papp, Key Account Manager, Contractor Division
Ext. 233

Gayatri Siraj, Accounting Manager
Ext. 226

Gautham Shine, Techanical Services Advisor
Ext. 239

Rafael Telles, Manager, IT Systems and Database
Ext. 246

Trish Thompson, Education Sales Lead
Ext. 241

Glenda Wheeler, Board and Office Administrator
Ext. 231

Leane Young, Chapter Relations Co-ordinator
Ext. 232

HRAI Regional Offices

Katharine Privett
HRAI (Atlantic)
Tel: 902-425-2445

Brendan Dilk-Sobkowich
HRAI (Manitoba)
Tel: 204.956.5888 Ext. 237

Leo Torosian
HRAI (Quebec)

Sajjid Lakhani
HRAI (British Columbia)