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Over 4.4 Million Kg of Refrigerants
Destroyed to Date

The Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) program is the Canadian industry solution for refrigerant waste disposal. It is an environmental care program championed by industry leaders that brings together contractors, wholesalers and collection service providers committed to the responsible disposal of surplus Halocarbon refrigerants from the stationary refrigeration and air conditioning industry*NOTE for Automotive and Appliance

Established in 2000, The RMC program has established strict standards and guidelines for all parts of the process including environmental, technology and financial audits; standards for refrigerant containers, content and contaminant testing, documentation to accurately track the movement of refrigerant, providing monthly tracking reports on volumes received/destroyed; and minimum standards for disposal technologies.

RMC aims to provide a highly visible program open to public scrutiny at every stage.

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