What happens to the collected mercury-containing thermostats?

HRAI provides each participating contractor with collection kits for the fully intact mercury-containing and electronic/digital thermostats they remove for their customers. Once collection kits are full, Purolator Courier picks them up and delivers them (at no cost to the contractor) to the recycler. At the recycler, the thermostats are dismantled, plastics and metals are recycled, the glass mercury bulbs are safely removed, and the collected mercury is safely stored.

Who funds the program?

The TRP is funded by the manufacturers and distributors that sell and/or import or have historically sold and/or imported mercury-containing thermostats into Canada.

Do new thermostats work as well as older, mercury-containing thermostats?

Even better! New programmable thermostats provide you the opportunity to have more control over the temperature of your home and the timing of your air-regulation system. You can save money on your utility bills by limiting air-conditioning and heating use while away from home.

Does my thermostat contain mercury?

To determine if your thermostat contains mercury, please refer to our Consumer Tip on Safe Thermostat Recycling.

Where does TRP operate?

Currently, the TRP operates in most provinces across Canada and is expanding. View participating contractor locations and drop-off options, or contact the TRP team to find out where.

How can I participate in the TRP?

You can fill out our Registration Form to join the program. HRAI will send you a collection pail and a pre-paid return Purolator waybill within two weeks of registering online.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the TRP either as a home-owner, contractor or wholesaler.

As a contractor/wholesaler, how do I get my full pail of thermostats picked up?

Each pail is sent with a pre-paid Purolator waybill. Call the number listed on the waybill (1-888-SHIP-123) and Purolator will pick it up at your location for free.

What if I have lost/misplaced my Purolator waybill?

Please contact the TRP team for a replacement waybill, eligible for same-day shipping only!

trp@hrai.ca or (905) 602-4710

How do I request more thermostat pails?

To request any additional materials, please contact the TRP team!

trp@hrai.ca or (905) 602-4710

How often are thermostat pails sent to contractors?

After we send the initial pail with resources, a replacement pail is sent to contractors only when they return a pail of thermostats to our recycler via Purolator. Our recycler reports collection results at the beginning of each month including information regarding the contractors/wholesalers that have returned pails. Once we receive this report, we automatically send you a replacement pail. 

Need a pail sooner? Please contact the TRP team (email trp@hrai.ca or call (905)602-4710 or 1(800)267-2231 x108)