This environmental awareness training program, based on Environment Canada's "Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems", deals with environmentally-correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and will prepare participants for complying with Federal and Provincial Regulations covering refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Specific topics covered are: Science of ozone depletion, leak detection methods, system charging procedures, special maintenance provisions, and refrigerant recovery, reuse, recycle and reclamation equipment. 1.5 hours allotted to the final exam.

The “Canada’s Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program” is now available online for those who do not have access to an in-class course or prefer online learning.  The online “Canada’s Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program” will allow you to work through the modules at your own pace, providing review questions throughout the modules along with a quiz at the end of each module.  The quizzes are designed to assist in the learning process and do not count towards your final exam mark.

Who Should be Taking This Course

Those who require the ODP/ODS Certification for the purchasing and/or handling of refrigerants throughout Canada, to fulfill provincial and federal regulations.  This certification is NOT a trade license or trade qualification.

Before You Start

You will need access to an internet connection and it is highly recommended to use a computer (desktop or laptop) instead of a tablet or mobile device for an optimal learning experience.  IF you would like to print the receipt, manual and learning materials, access to a printer is also required.  The manual and learning materials may be downloaded and saved on your system as PDF documents as well.

To Register

Those who would like to register for the online program will need to provide their First and Last Name, Company (optional), Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Telephone Number and an Email Address.  Payment in the amount of $275 + HST will need to be submitted by Visa or Master Card (no visa debit or debit cards accepted).  A receipt and login information will be emailed to those who register and submit payment.

Time Allowed to Complete the Program

Participants have 30 days from the date of registration to complete the online program. The exam is an open book/notes exam and 1.5 hours are allowed to complete the exam. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Participants DO NOT need to complete the course in one sitting.  If you finish a Module and logout, the next time when you login, you will be brought to the beginning of whichever Module you have not yet completed. 

What You Receive at the End of the Program

Participants who successfully achieve a mark of 75% or higher on the exam will receive certification in the form of an Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP) wallet card (Ontario only) or an Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) wallet card (all other provinces) issued for the province that the participant resides in. Certificate wallet cards are mailed within 10 business days of completing the program.

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