Please Note: This renewal only applies to Ontario Certifications.

All Ontario ODP Certifications are valid for a period of five years and must be renewed by the expiry date. The expiry date on your new wallet card will remain the same as the date that appears on your existing card, with five years added on. For example, if the expiry date on your current card is March 12, 2024, the date on your new ODP Card will be March 12, 2029.

The renewal process applies only to those individuals who are renewing their certification before the expiry date listed on their ODP Card. Individuals who allow their ODP certification to expire must still attend the full training program on Canada's Ozone Layer Protection Awareness again and write the corresponding exam. HRAI Delivery Partners (Community Colleges, etc.), continue to offer the full one-day training course.

If your ODP certification expired recently (within 90 days), you may still renew online or by contacting HRAI at 1-800-661-3369.

ODP Certification Renewal Process

  1. Please click on the “Renew Now” button below and provide all of the information requested.  You will require your ODP # and postal code we have in our system in order to renew online.  If you do not know your ODP # or have moved, contact HRAI at 1-800-661-3369.
  2. Submit renewal fee of $67.80 ($60 + $7.80 HST) by Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard or Amex. 
  3. A receipt for your payment will be emailed immediately to the email address provided.
  4. The renewed ODP Wallet Card will be mailed to the address provided within 2 weeks. 

If you have any questions regarding the ODP Recertification process, please contact HRAI at 1-800-661-3369.