HRAI is the trusted champion for
sustainable, quality HVACR
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To protect, connect and advance
Canada's HVACR community

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Guided by the needs and direction of members, foster the HRAI climate position with key stakeholders; champion industry solutions by building stronger relationships with government and key stakeholders. Advocate for industry-friendly programs to ensure a smooth transition to a low carbon environment. Work nationwide to ensure the HVACR workforce is properly prepared to meet the challenges of the shifting energy landscape. Pursue a regulatory environment that enables rather than constrains industry progress.

  • Improve member input on key issues
  • Create visibility as a climate change champion
  • Position HRAI as the guide for governments & utilities in climate change and all HVACR related matters
  • Host regional forums that include municipal representatives
  • Improve the accessibility of Government Relations information


Continuously expand quality communications and networking opportunities to ensure HRAI remains the go-to source for HVACR news and information. Effectively utilize traditional and emerging technologies to reach relevant audiences. Aggressively encourage and forge new partnerships, while keeping the focus on delivering value for HRAI members.

  • Promote HRAI positions relating to advocacy and relations
  • Evolve and amplify our communications efforts
  • Prepare members on the climate agenda
  • Reinforce HRAI as Canada's go-to source for HVACR information
  • Build the network of industry contributors
  • Regularly deliver cross supply chain networking events


Educate and train members and key stakeholders will grow in importance as the industry continues its shift to a low carbon environment. We will focus on expanding our scope, depth of offerings by investing in new content, modernizing the existing curriculum and improving our delivery techniques. HRAI will maintain our position as an industry leader in educational offerings and services.

  • Foster a workforce that meets the needs of the evolving marketplace
  • Invest in upskilling and specialized training
  • Develop and launch new learning materials for developing market segments
  • Format course material to allow for self-guidance and flexible timing
  • Introduce resources to help members meet needs of a low carbon economy


Ensure HRAI maintains a growing and healthy membership base that ensures a financially stable association that meets the needs of an evolving industry. Ensure the financial viability of the association with a focus on maintaining the required level of reserves while purposefully investing surpluses into services that benefit the sector.

  • Grow and maintain annual outreach efforts > 70%
  • Target member satisfaction levels at > 80%
  • Diversity and inclusion - Continuously build an inclusive work culture that encourages, supports and celebrates various voices
  • Invest to develop a highly engaged, HRAI team that values collaboration, accountability, learning and innovation
  • Grow overall membership levels


HRAI Is...
  • the acknowledged voice of a growing, informed and engaged membership across Canada.
  • a recognized leader in Canada's campaign to address the climate crisis.
  • a catalyst for an HVACR workforce that is well prepared to meet the demands of a low carbon economy.
  • the most trusted resource for information on HVACR codes, standards, trends and best practices for members.

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