Members of HRAI, RMC and the RMC Board of Directors worked with Environment Canada (Environment and Climate Change Canada) for over 7 years to put in place a regulatory instrument that would level the playing field for importers, and allow RMC to accept HFCs into the program and permit a levy on HFCs sold into the stationary sector.   The Pollution Prevention Plan for Halocarbon Refrigerants for the HVACR industry (known as the P2 Plan) was published in May 2016.

The P2 plan requires all importers of halocarbon refrigerants used in the stationary industry to be part of a stewardship program that ensures proper management of these refrigerants through to end-of-life.  As the RMC program was already an established stewardship program, all of the RMC current participants in the program have committed to continuing their support for the RMC program under the new requirements of the now mandatory P2 Plan. 

In February 2017, RMC began accepting HFC refrigerants into the program.  The addition of HFC refrigerants to the program required additional funding to support their collection and disposal.  As a result on February 1, 2017, HFC refrigerants sold into the HVACR sector were charged a levy.

Currently RMC levies are charged on sales:

  • Of new or reclaimed HCFC and HCFC blended refrigerants - $6.50 per kilogram (effective February 1, 2024)
  • Of new or reclaimed HFC and HFC blended refrigerants - $2.50 per kilogram (effective February 1, 2024)

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