Hassle-Free, Time & Money Savings with a BPV Compliance Assistance Program

Take the one minute test that will determine if your HVAC projects apply under TSSA’s Boiler Pressure Vessel Regulation to be compliant:

  • Are you installing, altering or repairing refrigeration piping that comes out of the air-conditioning or refrigeration unit? (e.g. Are you working on refrigeration piping for a split air-conditioning or refrigeration system?)
  • Does the refrigeration piping have a capacity of more than three tons (11 kW) in a refrigeration system or a capacity of more than five tons (18 kW) in an air-conditioning system?

If you answered “yes” to both of the above questions, then your company needs to become a certified contractor with TSSA’s BPV Certificate of Authorization (C of A).

Download this white paper to find out the requirements in becoming a BPV Certified Contractor in Ontario.