Care and Maintenance of your Air Conditioning unit

It is important to maintain your air conditioning equipment to ensure long life, maximum efficiency and a comfortable indoor environment. Any regular furnace filter should be inspected, cleaned or replaced once a month during the cooling (and heating) seasons. A dirty filter increases energy use and reduces cooling efficiency.


As well, a qualified technician should be called in once a year to check and service your air conditioner. He or she will inspect the condensate drain and electrical connections, clean both indoor and outdoor components, check the refrigerant pressure and levels, adjusting if necessary and clean and adjust the blower components.

Failure to do these checks and adjustments annually may result in a reduced cooling efficiency of the unit and may lead to noisy running, excessive energy use, odour, dust and other symptoms of poor maintenance. In other words, maintenance should be performed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Carefully selected and maintained, a central air conditioner should provide quiet, efficient and reliable cooling for 10 to 15 years.

A central air conditioner is a big ticket purchase for most home owners. But when the temperatures soar as spring turns to summer, it’s a purchase that every member of the family, including your pets, will find most welcome!

Learn more and locate a qualified contractor to service your air ducts, air conditioners and furnace systems by going to the Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) Contractor Locator page, or calling 1-877-467-4724. All HRAI member contractors have been pre-screened and have the required trade licences, technical certifications and insurance coverage to service your system.

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