HRAI Digest 2023

What is this manual about?

This guide, referenced in Canada’s provincial and federal building codes as good practice for HVAC systems, is the most up to date HVAC technical material required for design and sizing of HVAC residential and small commercial systems.

This is a must have compendium of HVAC technical material and worksheets providing municipal, provincial, and federal officials, designers, installers, and other members of the HVAC industry with accepted Canadian methods for proper design and sizing of residential and small commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Since the first edition of the Digest was published in 1967, there has been increasing use and acceptance of the Digest’s content by the industry and by municipal, provincial and federal building officials.

HRAI is responsible for publication of the Digest and ensuring it contains the most current technical information concerning design and sizing of HVAC systems.

This digest includes technical manuals and worksheets for:

  • Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32 of the Building Code
  • Residential Ventilation using CSA F326
  • Depressurization Testing of Residential Systems
  • Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations
  • Residential Air System Design
  • Residential Commissioning
  • Residential Radiant Hydronics Design
  • Small Commercial Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations
  • Small Commercial Air System Design

Who it is for?

HVAC Designers, HVAC Technicians, Building Inspectors & Students

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