RMC has established a formal process for the collection, transportation, storage and disposal of surplus halocarbon refrigerants that has been fashioned after the current reclamation system in the industry.

The complete RMC process is outlined in the following six steps:

Equipment Owners Require Recovery of ODS Refrigerants

Owners of refrigeration equipment who wish to have surplus halocarbon refrigerant recovered and sent for disposal contact their equipment service contractor or a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning service contractor.   The contractor recovers the refrigerant from the equipment in standard recovery cylinders. These cylinders are either provided by an HVACR wholesaler or owned by the contractor or equipment owner. Costs for recovering refrigerants are borne by the equipment owner and are comparable to costs associated with normal service work provided by the contractor. Containers of unused/virgin surplus refrigerants or refrigerants recovered in the past may be brought into the RMC program for safe destruction at any time.  Please note that there is a charge to dispose of CFC -11 or R-11 refrigerants.  Please contact 1-800-267-2231 ext. 245 for further details.

Contractor Transports Refrigerant to an RMC wholesaler

The contractor transports the container(s) of recovered refrigerant to an RMC wholesaler outlet. The cost of transporting recovered refrigerant to the authorized wholesaler are borne by the equipment owner and are comparable to costs associated with normal service work provided by the contractor.  For a list of Wholesalers, please click here.

Wholesaler Received Refrigerant and Records Information

Once the container of recovered refrigerant has been transported to the wholesaler outlet, the contractor provides information to the wholesaler concerning the contents of the container (type of refrigerant), where the refrigerant originated, and other information pertinent to the program. This information is entered on an RMC tag which is affixed to the container for proper tracking.

Collection Service Providers Arrange for Pickup of Containers from Wholesalers

Containers of refrigerants bound for destruction by the RMC program are collected and stored at the wholesaler's location. When an appropriate volume of containers is reached, the wholesaler contacts an RMC collection service provider, who arranges for the containers to be shipped to their location. The following companies are approved RMC collection service providers:

GFL Environmental Services Inc.
3549 Mavis Road
Mississauga, Ontario  L5C 1T7
Contact:  Customer Service
Phone: 905-281-4643
Direct line:  905-279-5123 | 888-873-2524
Website:  www.gflenv.com

Refrigerant Services Inc.
15 Williams Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  B3B 1X3
Contact:  Devin Thomas
Phone:  902-468-4997
Fax:  902-468-5102
Website:  rscool.com

Collection Service Provider Receives, Tests, and Stores Refrigerant

Once the collection service provider receives containers, they are weighed, tested and accepted into the RMC program if the refrigerants meet RMC's content and volume specifications.

Containers that do not contain refrigerants that meet the program specifications, they will not be accepted into the program on a no fee basis. In most cases, unacceptable containers will be moved into the reclamation process. When stored quantities of refrigerant reach a determined level, the bulked refrigerant will be transferred to ISO tanks for shipment to destruction facilities.

Once containers are accepted into the RMC program, collection service providers bulk refrigerants into 1000-lb. cylinders and test these full storage cylinders for contaminants (e.g. PCBs, oil, and, water).

Collection Service Providers Track and Report on Movement of Refrigerant

Collection service providers track all refrigerant once it is accepted into the program and provide monthly activity reports to RMC on the tracking and movement of refrigerant in the program. Refrigerant quantities are reconciled against the quantities destroyed by the disposal facilities to measure the success of the program. Collection and disposal service providers are subject to quality audits to ensure their operations meet the high environmental standards of RMC.

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