Workplace Incidents/Injuries – Navigating the Complexities of WCB’s

With HRAI Member THSC (Toronto Health and Safety Consulting) 

November 29th 2022 
12 – 12:45pm EST 

LogoDescription automatically generatedDante Mancuso of THSC, will take attendees through navigating the complexities of WCB’s (various Workers’ Compensation Boards), learning how to reduce your insurance premiums, and creating a revenue model through the WSIB Excellence Program. 

About the presenter: 

A person with a beardDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceDante has been practicing HR and safety for over 7 years. Graduating from Trent University, he put his HR specialization designation to quick use by joining a HR consulting firm. As a consultant, He has helped 100’s of businesses navigate the complexity of managing people and legal compliance. Working hand in hand with top law firms, medical professionals, and industry influencers; he has built a proven recipe that builds quick, simple, and compliant Safety programs.  

More information that will be included in this session  

Excellence Program 

The Health and Safety Excellence program is a financial incentive program offered by WSIB to help support health and safety in Ontario workplaces. Organizations can earn WSIB premium rebates for implementing health and safety topics in the workplace and improving health and safety. The minimum a business can receive per completed topic is $1000, and the maximum is $50,000. 

Organizations can choose between 1-5 topics that focus on eliminating or controlling a hazard over a 12-month period. There are flexible timelines that allow workers to work at their own pace. An IHSA consultant will work alongside the organization to answer any questions, provide resources, and double-check to ensure that your submission meets all the topic requirements. 

Return to Work Program 

Return-to-work programs are written plans that focus on finding meaningful work for injured workers to help them return to the workplace in a timely manner and minimize human and financial impacts. These programs include prevention, roles and responsibilities, accommodation, education and training, communication, and support for recovery. A return-to-work plan helps to keep injured workers engaged in the workplace, reduces compensation costs, and continues the worker’s contribution to the organization. 

Injury Rates 

There are many direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injuries that can cause economic burdens to organizations, such as increased WSIB insurance premiums, legal costs, damaged equipment, and safety fines. Indirect costs can be 10 times the direct costs of an incident. 

WSIB has an online health and safety tool called Compass, which gives easy access to WSIB data. Organizations can analyze WSIB premium rates and past claim costs and get insights into comparable rates and premiums in the industry. Join us to learn more about navigating the tool to effectively evaluate health and safety data trends and implement measures to prevent injuries and help control future costs.  

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