Workforce Recovery Committee Makes 21 Recommendations to Improve the Future of Work in Ontario

In June 2021, the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee (OWRAC) was established with the mandate to provide recommendations to the Minister of Labour, Training, and Skills Development that would improve Ontario’s ability to recruit and retain workers. The committee has published their report entitled “The Future of Work in Ontario: Findings and Recommendations from the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee” which made 21 recommendations including:

  • #2 – Build on Ontario’s Skills Development Fund model, invest in new channels of career development beyond traditional educational institutions to include funding employers, professional associations, and unions directly.
  • #5 – Build on the federal government’s efforts to expand learning on the job, by encouraging employer programs to ensure there are enough workplace learning opportunities
  • #6 – Reform training programs, building on the recent announcement of the second career program, to better serve those with weak employment history, including vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • #10 – Modernize existing job boards to make it easier to match employers searching for specialized skills with highly skilled workers across multiple jurisdictions

The government is reportedly considering all of the report’s recommendations and plans to take further action.

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