Upcoming events for BC HRAI Members

Climate safety summit
June 23, 9am-12:30pm
At this half-day session, you’ll learn about how Technical Safety BC, as well as industry peers and others in BC’s safety system, are preparing for the impacts of climate change on technical systems. Participants will have the opportunity to connect, discuss emerging risks from climate hazards, and tap into shared knowledge to build resiliency and capacity to prepare for the added challenges of climate change.
Learn more about Technical Safety BC’s work in climate change.

Discovery workshop: Improving the licensed contractor journey
June 29, 1-3pm

TSBC is looking for feedback from licensed contractors! Join the conversation and share what's working and what can be improved at Technical Safety BC within the service areas of licensing, assessments, and non-compliance management.
This workshop is part of a larger consultation on improving the licensed contractor journey. Learn more.
Regulation changes to contractor advertising
Open consultation 

Effective September 6, 2022, contractors will be required to publish their company name and their registered Technical Safety BC number when advertising their services to the public. Technical Safety BC is currently seeking input from contractors to establish guidelines that more clearly define these rules and how they will be implemented. 
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Get involved in one of TSBC’s upcoming advisory groups (multiple meetings) or focus groups (single meeting)! Express your interest by emailing us.


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