TSSA FEE CHANGES – Effective May 1, 2023

As a not-for-profit public safety regulator, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) charges fees on a cost-recovery basis that reflects the true cost of providing public safety services.  After conducting a thorough fee review, TSSA has determined that an inflationary fee increase of 4% is necessary in two program areas to continue to cover the costs of operations in these sectors. There is no planned fee increase for other programs. 
Inflationary Fee Increase of 4% for BPV/OE and Fuels 

In response to inflationary pressures and to move closer to cost recovery in each program area, TSSA is implementing a 4% fee increase to all fees in the following two program areas, effective May 1, 2023. 

No Fee Increase for Elevating, Ski and Amusement Devices Program 

There is no fee increase planned for this year in the Elevating, Ski, and Amusement Devices program where current revenue is expected to cover costs. 
What You Can Do to Minimize Your Fees 

In May 2021, TSSA implemented a new, streamlined fee structure that charges fixed fees for safety administration and oversight. Separate billing for inspections occurs when more than one follow-up inspection is required due to non-compliance. Customers who demonstrate a good safety record will avoid any charges for repeated follow-up inspections due to non-compliance. Customers can take the following steps to help ensure compliance with regulatory obligations and minimize costs:  

  • Remain compliant with safety regulations and codes 

  • Ensure workers have appropriate training and applicable certifications or licences 

  • Provide ongoing safety training and education for workers 

  • Ensure all required documentation is in order 

  • Provide the necessary support to facilitate the completion of field inspections 

  • Plan in advance to avoid additional fees for rush services 

  • Keep your authorizations (licences, permits, registrations, certificates) current 

  • Keep contact and device information up to date 

TSSA is rolling out industry compliance standards that focus on high-risk hazards that have been identified through an analysis of historical inspection and incident data. The use of compliance standards will assist regulated parties in further understanding their obligations and ensuring public safety. 
TSSA’s fee structure supports TSSA’s transformation to an Outcome-Based Regulator by enabling TSSA to focus its resources on high-risk areas that pose the greatest threat to public safety, on making further service improvements, and on investigating and following up on unlicensed owners and workers. 
Paying Your Fees 

TSSA accepts credit card payments for invoices through TSSA’s Online Payment Portal. 
Applications must be submitted and paid for in advance through TSSA’s Prepayment Portal. Sign up for paperless invoicing at www.tssa.org/paperless-invoicing. 
For more information and FAQs and to see the new fees visit www.tssa.org/fees. 

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