The state of the global supply chain crisis

No one can say when the supply chain crisis will end. And certainly, amid global wars, pandemic restrictions, and port delays, few are counting on relief any time soon. Yet, despite ongoing challenges, Morningstar reports there are reasons to be optimistic about certain industries and key materials.

“There are a few bright spots,” the organization says. “Labor availability has improved in key areas, such as ports, to help move goods across the world. Companies have been signing long-term contracts with shippers to secure transportation, which was normally a buy-it-as-you-need-it market prior to the pandemic.”

The report outlines the state of supply chain disruptions around the world. It also provides an update on the progress being made across various industries, including manufacturing, industrials, shipping, automobiles, and retail, among others.

Speaking about when global supply chains might return to some semblance of "normal," Morningstar senior equity analyst Michael Field says there's no definite answer but industries are adapting: "Nearly every company has supply chain issues. The number of companies doing anything about it is far fewer."

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