Residential Retrofit Program for the City of Abbotsford

Calling HVAC Contractors in Abbottsford! Your input is critical to assisting in creating Abbotsford’s Residential Retrofit Program.   

Homeowners are becoming more informed on what is needed to increase energy efficiency of their homes, and they are looking for contractors and trades who are up-to-date on technology, solutions, and policy. As demand for energy retrofits grows, your business can benefit.

Is there training or education you and your team need to be ready? Are there municipal policies that you feel could be improved? Whether you want to learn about new mechanical systems, how to navigate provincial and federal rebate programs, or how to bring a “whole home” approach to a deep energy retrofit project – City of Abbottsford want to hear what supports to prioritize in the upcoming Residential Retrofit Program for the City of Abbotsford.

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The deadline for responses is July 21. Your responses will directly inform recommendations on new training programs, incentives, and policy.

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