Reminder- Future of Refrigeration Trade in Residential Sector in Atlantic Region

Roundtable Discussions - We need your input!

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October 13th, 2021

5pm - 6pm ADT

What We Know:

-Major surge in residential heat pumps

-Driven by utility & gov't programs aimed at shifting energy use patterns

-Exposes a skills gap between what the market needs, and what the HVAC industry is currently able to deliver

HRAI-Atlantic Region is proposing that a new trade be established to serve the needs of the residential sector, both as a stand-alone trade and as stepping stone to the full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade. HRAI wants to hear from Contractors! Have your say!

Establishing this trade designation will not only serve a specific need in the Atlantic region for skilled workers while protecting consumers; it will also create the potential for a "Red Seal" designation in the future, which will enhance labour mobility options, creating benefits for this region and the rest of Canada. Further, the new trade will not only create a “right-sized” training and apprenticeship program for the residential industry, but it will also create a new pool of prospective workers for the commercial HVACR industry.

None of this can happen, however, without the support of industry members in the region. Provincial apprenticeship agencies in the region are open to the concept and need to see buy-in from the industry.

HRAI is hosting a roundtable discussion and wants to hear from HVAC contractors like you! Your opinion matters. Please show up and be heard.

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October 13th – 5-6pm ADT

For more information, please contact Scott Papp, Manager Membership & Divisional Programs at

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