Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) Calling for Board Nominee – Contractor

Consider Getting Involved!

RMC is the Canadian industry solution for refrigerant waste disposal. It is an environmental care program championed by industry leaders that brings together manufacturers, contractors, wholesalers and collection service providers committed to the responsible disposal of surplus Halocarbon refrigerants from the stationary refrigeration and air conditioning industry.  RMC has destroyed over 4 Million kilograms of surplus refrigerant.

The RMC Corporate Officers are responsible annually for electing the RMC Slate of Directors during the annual meeting held in November, once a candidate has been chosen by the RMC Nominating Committee. RMC is currently recruiting a Contractor to join the Board

The current slate:

2020-2021 Board of Directors and Officers


Joe Simon                                            Premi-Air ClimateCare

Past Chair

Marie Li-Ying                                         Honeywell Limited


Wayne Watson                                     Secretary Treasurer

President & CEO

Sandy MacLeod                                    HRAI


Robert Flipse                                        Ainsworth/Gordon Latham

John O’Keefe                                        Ultra Air Conditioning Ltd.

Domenic Loconte                                  Arkema Inc.

William (Bill) Yeo                                   Messer Canada

Dennis Kozina                                       Emerson Climate Technologies Canada

John DeCastro                                      Wolseley Inc.

Tim McRae                                           Chemours Canada Company


Michel Gauvin                                       Environment and Climate Change Canada

Jim Thomas                                          Refrigerant Services Inc.

Katelyn Imrie                                         Fielding Environmental

To help ensure that the RMC Board is properly represented, the Board is issuing this call for HRAI Member Contractor volunteer nominees. We recognize that a strong Board of Directors helps to ensure consistent, high quality programs and services that HRAI members have come to expect.

RMC asks that prospective Board members:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to contribute time, talent, and leadership skills
  • Attend a minimum of two Board meetings per year (approx. 2 hours each); held at the HRAI office in Mississauga and/or virtually.
  • Commit to serving a one year term with a maximum of 3 years and have an interest in succession planning, moving through the officer roles being Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair at some point;
  • Participation in Board fiduciary responsibilities, including approval of the annual budget and review of the financial status.

Contractors, to learn more about his volunteer opportunity and/or put forth your name for consideration, contact Caroline Czajko Director of Environmental Services  or call 416-562-5875.

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