Ontario GR Series: Skilled Trades Ontario

Exploring HRAI 2021-2022 Ontario Government Relations Strategic Priorities

Last month the joint HRAI and ORAC Government Relations Committee approved a set of 2021-2022 Strategic Priorities. These priority areas have been identified as pertinent concerns for the industry and will guide HRAI’s work plan in Ontario over the next 12 months.  In a series of newsletter articles, we are exploring each of the four priority areas. This week our focus is on consultations related to the introduction of Skilled Trades Ontario (STO).

The oversight of trades training, certification and enforcement is always important to HRAI contractor members, and the Government’s announced plan to transition from the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) to Skilled Trades Ontario (STO) is of particular interest to members in Ontario.  On June 3, 2021, Bill 288, the Building Opportunities in the Skilled Trades Act received Royal Assent.  Many of the recommendations made by HRAI in its written and oral consultation submissions to the Skilled Trade Panel were reflected in the legislation, including increased inter-provincial alignment and labour mobility, digitizing administrative functions, and development of a continuum of compliance tools to be used by inspectors.

Following the enactment of Bill 288, it will be essential to ensure active engagement with MLTSD is maintained, to allow for industry interests to be reflected in proposed regulations under this legislation. There will be several opportunities to influence the development of regulations that would benefit the industry, including continued participation in consultations through private meetings with the Minister, regulatory consultation meetings, and written submissions. Over the next several months, regulatory consultations will begin and HRAI will seek all opportunities for members to participate and have their say in how the trades are governed in Ontario.

For more information, contact Chelsea Goberdhan at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 236, or email  cgoberdhan@hrai.ca.

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