New NRCan Funding Program: Toward Net Zero Homes and Communities

Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency announced last week that it will be accepting proposals for the “Toward Net-Zero Homes and Communities” program.

This program offers funding for projects that will directly or indirectly increase the energy efficiency of Canadian homes.

You can visit the program’s website to learn about the project and submit your project.

The program is composed of the following streams:

  1. Addressing barriers to the adoption of energy-efficient technologies.
  2. Capacity building in support of net-zero energy ready codes.
  3. Facilitating home energy labelling and disclosure to encourage deep energy retrofits.

All proposal must follow the directions indicated in the Applicant Guide.

NRCan will also hold stream-specific webinar sessions. They are designed to help you become more familiar with the different streams. They will also give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the program designers.

You may sign up now to the ones of your choice, by clicking the links below.

All events will be held in English and in French, with simultaneous sign language interpretation.

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