NEW HRAI Member Advantage Program Partner: Kathbern Management – Building Effective HVAC Organizatio

Kathbern Management’s goal is to work with companies in the HVAC industry and help build their teams with highly capable people.  Kathbern strives to bring in talent that is complementary to the existing organization and will ensure the company's growth and success.  Kathbern’s motto is: “Fit is Everything”.

Kathbern Management is favoured by its clients for the following reasons:

  • Capability of working at all levels – Management, Sales, Technical, Finance
  • Once selected for an assignment, their job is not over until the client hires the person that they want to hire, regardless of how long that takes or what the cost is to Kathbern
  • Two members of the Kathbern team are assigned to every project
  • 90% of the time Kathbern delivers the top 4 candidates available in the marketplace to our client within 3-4 weeks
  • There is a 6-month guarantee to repeat the search for no further fee if things don't work out
  • Job postings only target the 20% of all possible candidates who are either unemployed or seriously unhappy, whereas Kathbern targets the other 80% who are employed but will still consider a change if it is presented to them in a persuasive manner
  • The best candidates for any role are now working for your competitors. Your HR department and job posting will not reach them - but Kathbern will
  • Senior Managers and Owners appreciate Kathbern’s shared focus on ROI, long-term vision and emphasis on achieving short-term results

HRAI members receive a 10% discount on Kathbern Management’s services.  HRAI Members should login into their HRAI member account at and click on the promotions tab to access the discount code.

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