New Addition to HRAI’s Membership Team

HRAI is pleased to announce it has hired Carlos Artieda to join the membership team.  Mr. Artieda comes to HRAI with a unique mix of skills and experience in administration and communication.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a major in Management and a master’s degree in Marketing. He has a diverse background working in the oil, food, construction, and automotive industries in the private sector with over five years of construction industry experience developing, implementing and customizing collaborative strategies to support members.

When he is not fostering relationships with members, you can find him exploring new technologies or working out and spending time with his family. His favorite quote is “continuous learning is my focus to thrive in life but also the path of improvement.”

As a Membership Coordinator, Mr. Artieda will focus on supporting our efforts to bring in new members from across the country. He will also provide support and assist the team by fostering great communication with members. Carlos resides in Manitoba and he will be HRAI’s membership coordinator coast to coast.

Members are encouraged to contact Carlos at +1 905-602-4700 ext.263 or email

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