Messaging Built to Secure the Legacy of Distributor Businesses

Now more than ever before, distribution businesses that have been staples in the community are bending under the pressure of corporate buyouts and changing customer expectations. In fact, the Industrial Distribution 74th Survey of Operations Report found an almost 180 degree shift in owner consideration of buyouts from 2020 to 2021. From supply chain interruptions to the weight of the Great Resignation, distributors are under pressure to adapt or phase out.

Starting at Home

For many distributors, especially those with decades long, family-run businesses, our counters

are considered home just as much as their favorite recliner. And each employee that has been a

part of your business feels like family. But lately, too many have come face to face with what's

being called the Great Resignation. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, this

wave of employee turnover is being driven by individuals between the ages of 30 and 45 years

old. This represents your management and other seasoned employees, some of whom have

worked for you since they were teenagers.

In order to stop the epidemic of resignations from destroying our businesses, our industry has to

adopt tools to ease employee workloads and prevent burnout. This means distributors must

begin to embrace technology.

A Solution Built by Distributors for Distributors

Prokeep is the only communication tool built by feedback from hard working distributors, like

you. And while multiple factors can influence things like employee burnout, having the right tools

to efficiently meet the needs of the changing marketplace is a major contributor to helping your

employees manage their productivity and prevent burnout. One way the Prokeep platform is

designed to help you in this area is by easing the time constraints on branch and counter staff.

Prokeep users have reported saving as much as 9 hours per employee of time that they

previously spent fielding calls, placing customers on hold, and leaving voicemails.

In addition to meeting the needs of your workforce, Prokeep is built to help you meet the changing demands from contractors seeking faster order information and overall proactive

communication. With solutions like Prokeeps “Web Connect,” you can continue to strengthen

your relationships and virtually guide even the newest contractors to the products they need to

get the job done - right from the convenience of the cell phones.

Watch this brief video to learn a bit more about how Prokeep works and visit us online at to schedule a no-obligation demo today.

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