Making supply chains resilient to extreme weather risks

Floods, fires, and severe storms are becoming increasingly common across Canada and beyond. And while the impact on human lives outweighs any priority, the mounting risks to our supply chains cannot be ignored.

With extreme weather events on the rise, is there anything that can help protect Canada's chains from the storms? The following article from from Editor Sean Ashcroft suggests several ways companies can make their supply chains more resilient.

Strategies include:

  • Collaborating with suppliers
  • Mapping the supply chain
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Integrating climate monitoring and predictive tools
  • Leveraging existing automation, artificial intelligence, and other beneficial technologies
  • Rethinking manufacturing
  • Adopting the right “business mindset”
  • Embracing data
  • Conducting scenario planning

Not all suggestions apply to the HVACR industry, but each entry in Ashcroft's list offers insights into possible solutions and the risks that extreme weather events pose on supply chains.

Read the article here.

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