Low GWP Natural Refrigerants with Messer Canada

May 19th, 2022
12noon – 1pm EST 
Join Bill Yeo, of Messer Canada Inc. in this complimentary webinar to learn about 
• Low GWP Refrigerants, specifically Natural Refrigerants R744 / R717 / Hydrocarbons
• What is needed when sourcing these refrigerants
• The importance of refrigerant specification and safe handling
Bill Yeo is currently the Market Segment Manager for Messer’s refrigerant in Canada, which supplies refrigerant gases to the commercial and industrial refrigerant markets.
Bill has over 25 years’ experience in the industrial chemical market as well as providing sustainable and secure product destruction solutions for pharmaceutical, consumer packaged, and industrial products and process materials. 
Mr. Yeo is currently focusing on the advancement of Messer’s wide range of natural refrigerant options which includes R744, R717 and Hydrocarbons.

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