Joint US-Canada Supply Chain Think Tank

Frustrated by ongoing supply chain bottlenecks, delays, and outright breakages?  Rest assured, you aren’t alone. Promisingly, there is news that a joint US-Canada working group is closer to identifying and addressing the root causes driving this lingering industry obstacle.

David Cohen, U.S. ambassador to Canada, was among the presenters at last week’s Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) conference in Calgary. In an interview, he indicated that representatives from both trading partners have been meeting since last year to find ways of easing supply chain stressors and bolster supply chain security, noting, “There are multiple impacts on supply chains. We are talking to each other about them. We are trying to address the causes of the supply chain issues.”

Cohen added that he is hopeful the working group will lead to solutions that provide relief for all industries, saying, "Given the nature of the U.S.-Canada relationship over decades, this is an example and a hallmark of how well we work together, and I have a high level of confidence that we'll work through these supply chain issues."

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