In Memoriam: Rob Falke

HRAI was saddened to hear of the passing of Rob Falke on May 3, 2022 due to complications from COVID and pneumonia. 

Rob was a leader in the HVAC industry.  For more than two decades he was a champion for the role of HVAC contractors in delivering true comfort solutions, teaching tens of thousands of HVAC professionals about the importance of air balancing and diagnostics. 

Rob founded and chaired the ASHRAE committee that created and published ASHRAE Standard 221, which set the standard for measuring installed HVAC system performance. He spent four years leading the committee of engineers and industry professionals to the successful acceptance and publication of the Standard in 2020.

As President of National Comfort Institute (NCI), he led the company’s curriculum development team and managed NCI’s technical instructors. He was loved and respected by thousands of industry practitioners across North America for his knowledge and insight, but even more so for his humble and gracious spirit of teaching and coaching.

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