On July 25, 2022 Enbridge Gas will reach a significant milestone by amalgamating our Enbridge
Gas Distribution and Union Gas Service Application systems and go live with the new provincewide, on-line GetConnected Attachment Tool.

With this integration comes a planned system outage that will temporarily interrupt your ability to
view, create or submit gas service requests.


Effective July 13, 2022 and concluding July 25, 2022, you will not be able to access our existing
eApp system for gas service requests in the former Enbridge Gas Distribution service area or
the current GetConnected attachment tool in the former Union Gas service area. This will
enable Enbridge Gas to complete the province wide implementation of our “new” GetConnected
online attachment tool.

Builders and HVAC providers are asked to submit all gas service requests prior to July 13,
2022. If your gas service request is not required until after November 1, 2022, we recommend
delaying the request and submitting it after July 25, 2022 in the new Get Connected on-line tool.
All construction activities, including the installation of new gas services will continue and are not
impacted by this planned outage. Similarly, new meter installs, meter activations, and Initial
Putting into Use Inspections (final inspections) for occupancy are not impacted. Please contact
us via phone or email to schedule these items following the existing process.

If you have content and service requests in the former Union Gas GetConnected system, please
note that the system will not transfer the data over. If you wish to have current or historical
documentation available for your review after the system change please take screen shots to
serve as your future reference.

We are asking Builders & TSSA Certificate Holders, across the province to attend one of our
online training webinars to help prepare you and your team for this change. The link to
registration can be found at and is open now.

We look forward to resuming regular service on July 25, 2022. Please be aware, our call center
may experience longer than usual wait times once we resume full service. For more information,
please contact your Residential New Construction Representative.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q What type of gas services will be impacted?
A Gas services including new gas line requests, meter additions, load changes will be

New meter installs, meter activations, and Initial Putting Into Use Inspections
(final inspections) for occupancy are not impacted. Please contact us via phone or email
to schedule these during the system outage.

Q If I currently have a service appointment booked during the July 13 – July 25, 2022
timeframe will I need to reschedule?
A No, all service appointments that are scheduled in the system will continue as booked.

Q If I require any assistance from Enbridge Gas regarding my submitted gas service
requests during July 13 – July 25, 2022, who do we contact and how?
A If you require immediate assistance during this period, you can continue to contact us
via phone.
• former Union Gas service area 1-866-772-1045
• former Enbridge Gas Distribution service area at 1-888-427-8888
or reach out to your Residential New Construction Representative (see attached listing)

Q I use the former Union Gas Get Connected system now. Will I be able to view my
dashboard and see my requested services?

A No, effective July 13, 2022 the current dashboard will be taken down and information will
not be transferred to the new tool. Please take screenshots of any data that you wish to
maintain for future reference

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