IAQ Pandemic Protection Strategy with Ventilation and Filtration

HRAI is pleased to be hosting another IAQ event with Dr Jeffrey Siegel, Ph.D.,Professor, University of Toronto.  In early 2021, Dr. Siegel presented a webinar on Demystifying claims about mitigating COVID transmission.  He was also a participated on an HRAI IAQ Committee that addressed issues surrounding the Risk of Virus Transmission via HVAC Systems

On February 10th, 2022, Dr. Siegel’s will address the following questions in another exclusive presentation with HRAI: 

  • What did we learn about ventilation and filtration during the pandemic?   Do they work? What lessons have been learned for future building design and operation?
  • Would improving ventilation and filtration help us stay open during the omicron wave?
  • How can we maintain/improve/normalize the gains in HVAC during the pandemic in the future?
  • Where should specific technologies (air cleaning, pollutant monitoring) fit in our thinking going forward?
  • How do we capitalize on the public and decision makers interest in indoor air quality?  Is there an opening to make indoor air a bigger part of the conversation?

Join us on February 10th, 2022 from 12 noon – 1 pm EST for this exclusive presentation on IAQ Strategies and lessons learned with Ventilation and Filtration systems.



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