Hydrogen Heating: International Industry Perspectives

The Hydrogen Heating Network’s inaugural live virtual forum, Hydrogen Heating: International Industry Perspectives, will be held September 20, 2022. It will bring together leaders and professionals in the industry who are either already familiar with hydrogen use or are starting their own hydrogen projects, where everything is new. This inaugural conference will be a half day conference with presentations and a panel of speakers.  

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This forum will share challenges and progress made in adopting varying blends of hydrogen and natural gas, and exclusive use of hydrogen fuel in end-use applications in homes and buildings. Sector perspectives will include:

• Leading gas appliance manufacturers from Italy, Germany, and Canada,

• Leading gas utility leaders from Canada and the UK, and

• Equipment test labs from Canada and the US

For more information, contact Pete Koepfgen, Hydrogen Heating Network pete@h2heating.net 

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