HVAC Trends Report released by AHR Expo

As reported in HPAC Magazine, the organizers of the AHR Expo(taking place February 6-8, 2023 in Atlanta) have released their 2023 Trend Reportwhich includes information compiled from HVACR industry associations, manufacturers and contractors working in the field. 

Following a similar pattern from previous years, the industry representatives share their views on the current state of the industry, opportunities, threats and market predictions heading into 2023.  The full report includes comprehensive answers; below is a sample of common themes found in the full report. 

  • Regulations remain a driving force towards a cleaner future: key words and phrases we’ll continue to hear in 2023 will include decarbonization, green transition, new standards will drive new technology to market faster, and refrigerant updates will also lead to new tech. 

  • The built environment is evolving: property owners are expressing new demands for efficiency, smarter technology that operates with building IT systems and the connected consumer, system automation, and greater awareness/acceptance of the longterm benefits of higher performing systems. 

  • Supply Chain Recovery: this recovery is leading to new practices in distribution adapted out of necessity, greater foresight and future planning from contractors and distributors, supply chain is still not back to normal. 

  • Inflation and Recession: trend towards more efforts on forecasting and planning, adjusting for client expectations and the new role of HVAC/R in the building owner budget. 

  • Workforce and training: more emphasis being placed on the continued need for a strong and skilled workforce, more insight into the projected increasing demands for the industry, improved flow of information/training across the chain: IAQ, changing regulations, application updates. 

  • Cybersecurity: greater emphasis on building control safety, increased awareness of threat considerations and continued planning for a “smart” connected future. 

  • Expansion, growth and meeting demand: greater awareness of how to manage multiple areas of growth within the industry (demand for electrification), educating the HVAC/R workforce first and secondly the end user, and then managing and meeting expectations – the consumer is more involved and getting more educated than ever before. 

The entire 32-page 2023 Trend Report is available to download for free. 



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