HRAI Staff visits Refrigerative Supply Limited

Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) is Canada’s refrigerant waste disposal program making it easy for industry to safely dispose of refrigerant waste.  It is an environmental program championed by industry leaders that brings together contractors, wholesalers and collection service providers committed to the responsible disposal of surplus Halocarbon refrigerants from the stationary refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The RMC program is funded by an environmental levy remitted by refrigerant manufacturers, importers and reclaimers on sales of HCFCs as of Feb 2017. A unique program developed by the industry for the industry that is 100% industry funded.

Thousands of contractors across Canada recover refrigerant from equipment owners in recovery cylinders and deliver the surplus refrigerant to a participating Wholesaler. There are 22 Wholesaler participants in BC with 171 branches across Canada taking part in the RMC program.

Last month, HRAI’s Environmental Project Specialist Kathleen O’Malley visited Refrigerative Supply Limited (RSL) one such HRAI Wholesaler member with its Head Office located in Burnaby, BC. RSL has been a family owned business for over 70 years and presently operates 16 branches and 2 distribution centers across Western Canada providing a broad range of residential and commercial equipment, parts, and tools specific to the HVACR trade. As a Wholesaler, RSL collects surplus refrigerant from the air conditioning industry in cylinders.  End of life refrigerant is accepted free of charge with the exception of refrigerant from the automotive and appliance industry, where it is accepted on a user fee basis. Cylinders are stored on-site and once a sufficient quantity of refrigerant has been collected, RSL will ship the waste refrigerant cylinders to a Collection Service Provider. The Collection Service Provider stores, tests and bulks used refrigerant and then ships to an approved disposal incineration facility. Disposal Service Providers safely destroy the refrigerant waste with no harm to the environment.

RMC ensures industry compliance and strict regulations are followed to help save the ozone layer and reduce global warming.

Thanks to our industry partners such as RSL, reductions generated by the program have resulted in 4.0 million kg of refrigerants being destroyed to date.

For more information, feel free to reach out to Kathleen O’Malley, HRAI’s Environmental Project Specialist at

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