HRAI Participates in Green Buildings Strategy Consultations

In July, the Federal Government launched the Canada Green Buildings Strategy, a plan that will seek to mobilize national action around the following objectives to create a net-zero emissions buildings sector by 2050:  

  1. build net-zero and resilient from the start, with new buildings needing to be net zero carbon ready as early as 2027 and no later than 2032; 
  2. accelerate the rate of deep building retrofits to meet our commitment, with the retrofit rate needing to more than triple annually by 2025, requiring $39–$62 billion annually, using existing construction practices; and 
  3. transform space and water heating, requiring phased timelines for when installation of new oil or natural gas heating systems would no longer be permitted. 

The government has committed $150 million towards the development of the Green Buildings Strategy and the process will initially include extensive consultation with stakeholders.

On August 25th, HRAI VP of Government and Stakeholder Relations Martin Luymes participated in a by-invitation Roundtable with Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to provide some initial input. 

Questions that the Minister was seeking answers on, included:

  1. How do industry partners feel about the discussion paper and proposed actions? 
  2. Are there gaps in the actions or approach the Strategy is taking so far? 
  3. What might help generate opportunities for enhanced collaboration across sectors toward decarbonisation? 
  4. Are there industry best practices we might follow to better enable a market transition to net-zero emissions by 2050? 
  5. Do you have any advice on how to better engage Canadians on the Strategy? 
  6. How do industry partners see themselves on the path toward net-zero emissions? 
  7. What policy levers do industry partners see as most beneficial to their journey toward net-zero?

The discussion was wide-ranging and the schedule did not allow for participants to drill down to real concerns and suggestions for resolution.  There will, however, be a number of other opportunities for meaningful input.  HRAI will be part of the consultation process to ensure the industry perspective is heard.

In the meantime, members are invited to share their own insights and thoughts directly via NRCan’s consultation portal, which can be found at:

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext 235 or email

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