HRAI member, AkiSens managing risk against water damage

AkiCentral from AkiSens is an intelligent monitoring interface protection solution in property risk management primarily related against water leaks that provide a constant supervision of the entire system throughout the building informing owners, and other dedicated maintenance resources as per customer needs of the system status in real time, any time / anywhere you may be.                                                                                                                                                                

Reports and statistics are designed to provide valuable property risk management data related to each individual suites, common areas and other mechanical rooms of the building,

AkiCentral is an exclusive Akisens technology and provide the ability to structure property risk management reports to your specific needs and centralize your data on AkiCentral platform simplifying risk management and maintenance activities.

With more than 100 major projects installed, and the ever-growing demand in the marketplace, AkiSens is expanding their distribution network in Canada by reaching out to HVAC business owners.

Get in touch today with Robert Demers, President & Founder of AkiSens Risk Management at 514-586-7788 for more information on blending risk management solutions with HVAC industry needs.

Watch for an upcoming October 7 webinar session on Akisens Risk Management Solution.

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