HRAI Enters into Partner Program with The City of Toronto’s Green Will Initiative

The Green Will Initiative (GWI) is a City of Toronto program that drives public and private sector building portfolios across Toronto to net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This program is supported directly by the Mayor's Office.

The City’s Green Will Initiative invites building owners across Toronto to partner with the City to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto.

To date, the Initiative has brought together 19 of Toronto's major building portfolio owners who are committed to leading the way and taking bold action to reduce their buildings' emissions to net-zero.  

HRAI is excited about this opportunity with the City of Toronto.  We will jointly promote and expand each other's programs and offerings, and build upon each other's initiatives, that support building owners and managers in accelerating their adoption of low carbon and energy efficiency solutions.

In the coming months watch for joint delivery of events/training and published studies.

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