HRAI Engages NRCan on Greener Homes

Since the launch of the federal Greener Homes home energy retrofit rebate program, HRAI has heard complaints from members across the country about problematic program rules and inaccurate listings of eligible products.  NRCan cooperated with HRAI in hosting several webinars during the summer to aid members in their understanding of the program but these sessions seemed to raise more questions than answers.

From the beginning, NRCan has promised that the program would go through periodic tweaks and improvements, but initially there seemed to be reluctance to make changes.  In a refreshing change, more recently NRCan has agreed to engage with a special committee appointed by HRAI to review and improve program elements.  That committee will meet on a monthly basis.  In addition, in an effort to get all published eligible product listings up-to-date, HRAI has been working with AHRI in the US to ensure their product database (a key source for NRCan) is up-to-date and to advise NRCan on the timing of product listing updates.  As well, this week, a small group of HRAI volunteers met with NRCan staff to review the details of a troublesome program requirement that heat pumps (of all types) must be installed to provide heating for the whole home, which was widely viewed as an unrealistic requirement in many applications and therefore likely to limit the program’s success. 

These meetings have been very productive and there is optimism that they will lead to meaningful changes in the program as it moves forward in the fall.  Of course, there can be no certainty about these changes (or even the continuation of the program) until the results of the election are known and a new minister is appointed.

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