HRAI Completes a Regulatory Snapshot: Flammable Refrigerant Storage

Over the last 20 years, to address climate concerns, the HVACR industry has been testing and generating data regarding a new class of refrigerants (liquefied gases) which exhibit low flammability.  This new class of liquefied gases was determined to be uniquely different from existing liquefied flammable gases, hence, a new ASHRAE class was created, non-toxic class A2L.   

Industry stakeholders developed an informative flyer in response to industry demand for - information on A2L refrigerant storage. We heard from our members that there was a need for clear, concise guidance on this important topic. We are now pleased to be able to provide this valuable resource to HRAI members. 

The flyer, which provides at-a-glance information on A2L refrigerant storage requirements, was created with the help of a member working group, backed by AHRI and HARDI, and is based on a survey of HVACR wholesalers conducted by HRAI meant to gather information about current refrigerant storage capacities. Our group also inquired about national, provincial, and local fire and building codes regulating the indoor storage of compressed gases in effect around the country. Our member working group included representatives from across the HVAC/R industry.  

HRAI is also currently working with another member working group focused on transportation of A2L refrigerants in contractor vehicles and transport trucks handling the shipment of large refrigerating machines.  

In addition to developing the informational storage flyer, HRAI has been actively engaged in making code change requests to government agencies regulating Canada’s National Fire Code, National Building Code and to Transport Canada asking for relevant amendments to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations. HRAI has been advocating for better regulations and standards to ensure the safe handling and transportation of refrigerants. 

HRAI will host a webinar with Andrew Klein on May 24th.  Registration link is below: 


HRAI remains committed to providing valuable resources and advocacy for the HVACR industry. For more information email Caroline Czajko, 

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