HRAI Climate Leadership Survey

HRAI has been engaged with the federal and provincial governments for many years on policy issues affecting the HVACR industry. In recent years, governments (including at the municipal level) have started to take action to address concerns about climate change, and these actions include various measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions from buildings (which make up 17% of GHG emissions in the country).

HRAI has been included in these discussions, but not always at the outset. Too often the industry has been put in a position of reacting to programs or policies after the fact, even when these programs and policy directly affect the industry. 

The HRAI leadership believes that the association should take a stronger and more active role in these discussions, to ensure that the industry is in a position to benefit from the inevitable transition away from fossil fuels.  To create a more meaningful role for the industry will require that we articulate a clearer and more constructive image for the industry and what it has to offer.  A simple step towards that goal will be to make a public declaration that the industry is prepared to lead the way, building on its innovative technologies and technical expertise.

HRAI is looking to create a communications plan for engagement with governments that includes a “climate leadership statement.”  This survey is designed to gauge member support for the various elements that might make up that statement.

Please take this survey and devote some time to evaluate the various statements in the survey to indicate whether or not -- and how strongly -- you support these statements. (10 minutes should be sufficient, but feel free to take more.)

We thank you in advance for your feedback and comments!  Your input will help HRAI to sharpen and refine its communications with government on your behalf.

You can find the survey here.  If you have any questions please contact Martin Luymes, HRAI’s Vice President of Government and Stakeholder Relations,



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