HRAI and Municipalities, Working Together on Low Carbon Emissions Plans

On October 20, 2021, HRAI Staff met with representatives from the City of Ottawa and Toronto, as well as the Region of Durham.

Municipalities across Canada are developing plans that will help with the transition to low carbon emissions in existing and new buildings by 2030.   To achieve this, HRAI has been asked by several municipalities to be a resource when developing these plans.  A common theme is how HRAI and municipalities across Canada phase builders and contractors in new initiatives that align with emission’s reduction goals set by local governments.

In attendance from HRAI’s GR team was Martin Luymes and Chelsea Goberdhan, as well as Angie Mantei, Lauralei Heggie and Loretta Zita, representing HRAI’s Education, Business Development and Communication departments, respectively.  Ian McVey, Manager of Sustainability at Durham Region, Nicola Lashley, Project Lead, Public Energy Initiatives – Existing Buildings at City of Toronto, and Janice Ashworth, Project Manager at City of Ottawa Climate Change Unit were all in attendance, as well. 

This was one of on-going discussions, particularly with City of Ottawa and Toronto, and Region of Durham that HRAI is engaged in. Plans are in the works and more information will be available in the coming months.


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