Happy Safe, New Year



The New Year is a perfect time for companies to reflect on safety practices and renew a commitment to creating a secure work environment. In the world of HVAC, ensuring safety is not just a responsibility but a priority. The following are practices and considerations to help lay a foundation for a successful and safe year: 

1. Updateand Sign Your 2024 Safety Manual  

Organizations have a responsibility to review the Company’s health and safety policies annually to ensure they align with current industry standards and legal requirements. Employers need to be a part of this process and sign the policies demonstrating their commitment and approval. Any changes need to be communicated to workers. 

2. Plan for Safety  

Here is a small list of tasks for you or your team to complete by March

  • Check and re-stock your First Aid Kits (especially Band-Aids!) 
  • Check if the eye wash stations have been used or have expired. 
  • Schedule your annual fire extinguisher inspection.  
  • Service equipment and tools as required. 
  • Establish the Joint Health and Safety Committee 

3. Schedule Safety Activities 

Create a calendar and schedule required health and safety activities for the year. Activities to plan include: 

  • Weekly safety talks that will be communicated to workers. 
  • Quarterly Joint Health and Safety Committee Meetings / Health and Safety Representative Meetings 
  • Monthly Joint Health and Safety Committee inspections 
  • Weekly supervisor inspections 
  • Refresher training for expired certificates 
  • Quarterly First Aid Kit Inspections 
  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspections 

Be intentional to incorporate safety at all levels of your organization this year to protect your workers. 

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