GTHA Carbon Emissions Climb to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Last week the Atmospheric Fund (TAF) released its latest “Carbon Emissions Inventory” for the GTHA, which reported that emissions increased in all six regions for an overall increase of 2.2 million tonnes, or 4.5%, in 2021. 

According to TAF, the region needs to achieve at least an annual 8% decrease to hit 2030 targets, a rate which only grows steeper and more challenging if the current trajectory continues. 


 At 44.1% of the total, buildings remain the top source of emissions, followed by transportation (31.4%) and industry (19.9%). 


Councils beginning a new term today offer GTHA municipalities and regions a chance to accelerate policies, investments and engagements that contribute to prosperous, net-zero communities. The report recommends ways to prioritize action and highlights regional leadership examples. 

Click HERE to get a full copy of the report. 

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