Ground Source Heat Pump Discussion Continues at the OGA Conference – April 26, 2022 Closing the Loop

The ground source heat pump sector is seeing some promising growth lately; and, indications are that much more growth is on the horizon.  Important discussions are happening with governments at all levels, and this event will help further that dialogue. This is a must-attend event for municipal and HVACR professionals in the commercial & residential, new build and retrofit sectors.

Check out this interview on LinkedIn with Jeff Hunter, Chair of the OGA.

Join us April 26th, 2022, Hilton Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga from 8-4:30pm EST. 

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The OGA has lined up a sensational group of speakers. Each conference speaker, exhibitor and sponsor have a vested interest in talking about plans, technology and success stories that help Close the Loop in meeting climate action goals.  We will cover such topics as: 

-The role ground source heat pumps can play in Canada's energy transition

-Municipal climate action implementations strategies including municipal case studies

-Commercial retrofit projects using geothermal in high-rise rental units and condos

-The best way to navigate the many 2030 climate action plans with regards to carbon pricing and hybrid systems

-OGA Town Hall Panel – where the discussion will liven-up with the experts and audience engaging in idea sharing.

OGA’s Closing the Loop Conference April 26tth, 2022, is all about bringing stakeholders together.  Municipal advisors, HVACR professionals, consulting engineers & designers, as well as developers, educators and utilities, will be together to network and collaborate on initiatives that will help Canada reach its 2030 and 2050 climate action goals.  

Join us April 26th, 2022, Hilton Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga from 8-4:30pm EST. 

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We are proud to have the following companies as this year’s OGA Conference Sponsors.


Speaker line-up includes:

Jean-Phillippe Hardy of Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors, along with Martin Luymes, VP of HRAI Government and Stakeholder Relations, will take attendees through a two phase project that Dunsky lead at the request of HRAI and OGA.  The projects investigated the potential role ground source heat pumps could play in helping Canada achieve its 2050 net zero targets.  This is a must-see session for municipalities and HVACR Professional.  Jean-Phillippe will bring to light the key policy ideas raised through consultations with the Canadian government and HVACR industry partners.  The benefits of GSHP technology will be unlock.

Next, attendees will learn about commercial retrofit projects using geothermal in high-rise rental and condo buildings.  Vice President of Construction for Collecdev, Jennifer Burstein brings a wealth of knowledge, with almost two decades of experience managing high-rise residential projects across the GTA.  Jennifer will talk about a few notable projects including: Westwood Gardens, Tretti Condos, 100 Yorkville and Nordic Condos.  This is a must-see session for commercial developers and consulting engineers.

Gabriella Kalapos, Executive Director with Clean Air Partnership will take attendees through the many ways to accelerate municipal climate action implementation, including key discussions on challenges and opportunities to look out for.  This is a must-see session for municipal advisors and personnel looking to compare or add new opportunities to their climate action plans.

Big idea exchanges are set to happen at the OGA Townhall panel discussion where Membership & Industry will engage in a lively discussion and tackle such questions as:

-What is the direction of the OGA

-What action is the OGA taking to support broader adoption of geoexchange in the province

-How does the OGA intend to challenge misinformation on fossil fuels that's pervasive in the mainstream media

OGA is excited to have Adler Gross of Local Governments for Sustainability Association at this event.  Adler will take municipal representatives and HVACR professionals through of the Small and Rural Community Climate Action Guidebook.  This nifty guide will help in the development of realistic climate action objectives and policies, while also providing best practices on how to build better collaboration between the public, HVACR Community and local government.

Continuing on the residential front, Victor Hyman Executive Director of ClimateCare, will take us through the best way to navigate the many 2030 climate action plan initiatives. Victor will walk attendees through how carbon pricing and hybrid systems will help set residential dwellers up successfully, while meeting the future 2030 municipal climate action goals.  This is another must-see session for both residential contractors, as well as municipal personnel.

Join us April 26th, 2022, Hilton Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga from 8-4:30pm EST. 

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