HRAI has confirmed reports that the federal government’s Greener Homes grant program will STOP accepting new applicants in March of 2024.

NRCan has reported that the uptake of Greener Homes grants is exceeding forecasts, and that the average grant amount per application is higher than anticipated.  While the program’s original target of 700,000 homes across Canada might not be met, it seems likely that the budgeted $2.6 billion in payouts will be.  Knowing that there will be time needed between application for funds and receipt of those funds, the program might not wrap up until some time in 2025, even if the intake of initial applications ends in March.  Either way, the program duration will fall short of the original seven-year term that was announced at launch.

NRCan has also confirmed that participants who have already applied under the grant program, or who apply before the closure date will be protected.

This news might be discouraging to many HRAI members, but NRCan is urging all interested parties to be patient and not to make any immediate business decisions, as there will be further announcements coming in the months (or even weeks) ahead concerning how the federal government will address mounting concerns about the need for climate action.

While nothing has been confirmed, HRAI speculates that the government might be getting closer to introducing their long-awaited “Green Building Strategy” which will be aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of homes and buildings across Canada.  HRAI has had extensive discussions with NRCan about this strategy since consultations began more than a year ago.

Stay tuned for more information!

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