Free Webinar: How to Reduce/Eliminate Risks Associated with Water Damages with Technology with AkiSe

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October 7th, 2021

Noon to 1pm EST

HRAI’s latest Manufacturing Member, AkiSens, brings knowledge and technology that could lift the Canadian Contractor’s competitive edge with consumers that live in multi-unit or single dwellings.

As the ever-growing threats with water damage in buildings and single homes, insurance companies are getting cold feet over insuring against water and leak damage. AkiSens, HRAI member in the property risk management field, has developed technology that reduces and eliminates the risk associated with water leak damages.

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Join Robert Demers, President and CEO of AkiSens, to learn about their solution and implementation strategies.

Robert Demers, President and CEO of AkiSens, is the founder of AkiSens, and cofounder of PREVCAN Water Damage Prevention Association of Canada. His work history spans countries all over the world, including 25 years as part of the commercial and marketing management division of Bell Canada and Bell Mobility.

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