EPA Proposes Amendments to Version 6.0 ENERGY STAR CAC/HP Specification

On November 1, 2021, the EPA announced it is proposing several amendments to the recent Version 6.0 ENERGY STAR specification for Central AC systems and Heat Pumps  While “products certified to Version 6.0 will not be affected,” the reason it is introducing Version 6.1 is due to “substantial additional feedback” it received since Version 6.0 specification was finalized March 2021.

According to the EPA, the feedback “altered our understanding of the current market and the extent to which the Version 6.0 requirements reflect the performance of an adequate selection of ASHP models in the market.”

Version 6.1 specification will introduce the following amendments:

  • “Lower EER requirements for multi-capacity air conditioners and heat pumps, which provide additional comfort and efficiency through other means, such as higher SEER and HSPF values, and meeting the V6.1 installation criteria.”
  • “For Cold Climate Heat Pumps, removed EER requirements and reduced HSPF requirements for ducted heat pumps.”
  • “Clarified several installation criteria and allowed systems to get credit for a test mode in addition to measurement of specific quantities as installed.”

Members can submit comments on Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR CAC/HP Product Specification to cac-ashp@energystar.gov by November 23, 2021

All comments will be posted to the ENERGY STAR Product Development website unless the submitter requests otherwise.

Please direct any spcific questions to Abigail Daken at EPA, Daken.Abigail@epa.gov, or 202-343-9375 and Cody Niblett, Cody.Niblett@icf.com or (202) 862-1245.

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