Engaging the Geothermal Industry with HRAI’s Newest Member Springbank Energy

Springbank Energy is a renewable energy developer supporting the real estate industry’s transition to Logo, company nameDescription automatically generatednet-zero. Springbank develops geothermal systems (for multi-residential projects), rooftop solar PV systems (for industrial and commercial projects), and existing building retrofits.  Springbank operates under a utility-model, investing in the renewable energy systems in exchange for long-term energy contracts. 

Springbank was founded by Ben Gilbank, a 13-year veteran of the institutional real estate development and investment industry.  Springbank partners with leading real estate owner-developers to implement renewable energy solutions.

Check out Springbank Energy Inc. website or contact Ben Gilbank of Sprinbank Energy at ben.gilbank@springbankenergy.com of (647) 388-0098.

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