Emerging supply chains risks

“The challenges in international trade and the supply chains that service it are creating shifts that will continue to fuel long-term changes in the pattern of global supply and demand.”

Such is the lead for Emily Atkins’ examination of supply chain trends and issues for the Canadian-based website Inside Logistics. The article argues that emerging risks such as abandoned cargo and shipment theft (among others) have altered the risk landscape for any company reliant on the shipment of goods between borders. Moreover, the piece makes a case for taking a fresh look at one’s risk environment to assess what’s changed and deserves more attention.

As Dorota Jilli, senior underwriter at insurer TT Club, adds: “It is important to ensure that adequate risk assessments are undertaken across the full breadth of your operation in order to understand thoroughly the various risks and, where appropriate develop mitigating actions and controls, together with effective continuity plans to protect your business.”

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