Deadline: November 30th for Compensation Study

The 2022 HRAI Compensation & Benefits Study, in partnership with CIPH and EFH is now open. Participate today to understand how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare to other Canadian employers.

Have access to meaningful compensation data in just two steps!

  1. Complete the survey about your company compensation and benefits
  2. Purchase the final report

Deadline to complete the survey is November 30, 2022.  Once completed, email it directly and confidentially to Benchmarking Analytics.

Save time by getting all of your data in one place.

While there is growing access to free compensation data on the internet, cobbling together pay insights from these sources isn’t a recipe for long-term success. It’s a time consuming process that can be inconsistent and fragmented. Using a strong, industry-focused compensation survey as the foundation for your pay decisions will allow you to make fairer decisions and manage resources more wisely.

Final Report available for purchase for $499 CAD. Don’t miss out – order now.

Need more information? Please contact Lauralei Heggie, Director of Business Development at HRAI, by email or by phone at 905-602-4700 x264.

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