CSA Z5000-18 Reaffirmation

CSA directives and guidelines governing standardization require that all CSA Standards be reviewed at least every five years and must be either reaffirmed or withdrawn. CSA Z5000-18 is due for review in February 16, 2023 and is recommended for reaffirmation.

CSA Z5000-18 provides guidelines for the commissioning of buildings and all energy and domestic water related building systems. It applies to new construction only for Part 3 buildings, as specified in the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). It does not apply to equipment and systems installed by the owner or others after building completion.

Members with an interest are invited to comment.  If you feel that a new edition of the standard is required, please provide supporting technical criteria, which could be included as part of a proposal for revision.  Alternatively, if you feel that the standard should be withdrawn, please provide a technical proposal(s) with supporting rationale.

The deadline for comments is September 19, 2021.

Please send any questions or comments to Pedro Cerna Serrano, email pcerna@hrai.ca.


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